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Alexia's Window Tinting Residential

Window tinting is a simple and affordable way to enhance any building and when professionally installed, is designed for long-lasting appeal and performance.


Tinting dramatically changes how a window reflects, transmits and absorbs solar energy. Window films block almost 100% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) light. The skill of the installer is essential to the flawless appearance of the final product.

What Does Tinting Do?

Alexia's Window Tinting was privileged to be awarded the job of applying window tinting to the Wells Fargo Tower in downtown Portland. If we can tint all 40 floors of that, we can tint your windows with the same attention to detail.

Wells Fargo Tower in Portland

Once you select the appropriate Global window film, proper installation is essential. Our experienced installation professionals will work with you to install your window film correctly, with a minimal disruption to your business.

Proper installation

Commercial building owners often want a darker and a more reflective tint to complement the building's exterior and to reduce energy costs. Many choose specialized safety film to provide added protection against weather and intrusion. We can assess your needs and help you choose the right type of film for you.


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