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Alexia's Window Tinting Auto window tinting

The main types of tint are:

  • Full metal - very shiny and has no polyester

  • HP metalized - metalized with polyester

  • Non-reflective - UV stabilized with no metal

  • Enhanced appearance

  • Greater temperature comfort

  • Better visibility

  • Reduced fading of interior

  • Increased safety of the glass

  • More privacy

  • Reduces need for air conditioning

Benefits of Auto Window Tinting

What Is Film and Tint?

  • Alexia's Window Tinting has over 35 years' experience

  • Lifetime guarantee against cracking, hazing, peeling, bubbling, color changes or labor

  • Our friendly staff offers fantastic customer service

  • Increases the value of your vehicle

More Good Reasons to Tint

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